Fedor is absolutely right but he said something that has been happening since 2008. Mirko absolutely "disappeared" after winning the OWGP, it is like he was finally satisfied and had no motivation anymore.

As for the two of you saying that we are idiots, Mirko said that he is upset at Fedor because he did not came to his hotel room or took him to dinner to have a talk, and because he said those comments to the press.
Are you going to tell me that those are legit reasons to lose respect for someone? As I said, it is not that Fedor and Crocop are close friends, Fedor has said years ago that he does not like Mirko very much, so why should he make a 10 hour trip in train to have a talk with someone that you are not even friends with?
And as for what he said to the press, it was only the truth.