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Thread: Cro Cop: My respect for the Emelianenko brothers is gone

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    Fedor is absolutely right but he said something that has been happening since 2008. Mirko absolutely "disappeared" after winning the OWGP, it is like he was finally satisfied and had no motivation anymore.

    As for the two of you saying that we are idiots, Mirko said that he is upset at Fedor because he did not came to his hotel room or took him to dinner to have a talk, and because he said those comments to the press.
    Are you going to tell me that those are legit reasons to lose respect for someone? As I said, it is not that Fedor and Crocop are close friends, Fedor has said years ago that he does not like Mirko very much, so why should he make a 10 hour trip in train to have a talk with someone that you are not even friends with?
    And as for what he said to the press, it was only the truth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    I mean...Mirko tapped out to a noogie. A noogie people!
    Not sure why he didn't turn into that. If he trains jits he should have been in a good position to slip out the back door and take his back. It definitely would hurt, but he should have had some defense for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIZjitsZOU View Post
    Not sure why he didn't turn into that. If he trains jits he should have been in a good position to slip out the back door and take his back. It definitely would hurt, but he should have had some defense for it.
    It almost seemed like he was pulling a Bob Sapp kind of deal there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leucoethiops View Post
    If you guys are reading this and thinking Mirko is mad because Fedor didn't buy him dinner, then you're fucking idiots.

    If Fedor fought in my city, I'd come to his hotel, take him out for dinner, have a talk with him, and if I had to tell him something I'd tell it to his face and not talk over newspapers. Afterall, we're "brothers in arms" and we bled together in Japanese rings, and had a fight that many consider as the best in MMA hisotry, and he not only didn't have the audacity to say hello, even before the fight in the lockeroom, but he commented on me that I'm this and that, this wasn't the Fedor that I used to know.
    How am I a fucking idiot? He said he would take Fedor out to dinner to talk man to man instead of saying things in the papers(mind you what he said was not really bad at all mirko is being too sensative). He is mad that since he is in Fedor's home that Fedor should have taken him out to discuss the situation with him. A situation which isn't a big deal that fedor could give a fuck les about Mirko needs to get over it.

    Aldo why the hell does he think Fedor has to say hello to him? They are not friends and Fedor doesn't talk much to anybody. His logic that they are "brothers in arms" is stupid just ebcause they fought each other and are in the same sport doesn't mean he has to talk to him and go out of his way to comfort him when he is butt hurt.

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    Hearing you don't have the fire anymore sucks. Denial sucks even more. The first thing you do it get angry at the person who makes the statement running through your own head.

    I don't blame Fedor for what he said and he's been saying it as far back as 2010.

    As a matter of fact, I guarantee you the Underground plagiarized the 2010 interview in the article cited here:

    Because this is a 2010 article with the same statement verbatim:

    I think we may have a little extra manufactured drama going on here.

    Now, I know this sounds stupid as hell, but is someone trying to drum up interest in a rematch with either Fedor or Aleks again???
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    MMA media manufacturing drama? No way, I don't buy it.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    I really laughed hard at this. He is mad that Fedor didn't go out of his way to find him and buy him dinner HAHAHAHA. What is wrong with Mirko nowadays? FIrst that rant about Jones going to that press conference and now this he might be staring to lose it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    So he is mad at Fedor because he did not invite him to dinner? LOL it is not that they are close friends or anything like that.

    I understand losing respect for Alexander, he is a bum.
    But to lose respect for Fedor because he said that Mirko should retire and did not invited him to dinner??

    I like Mirko very much but his statement is really ridiculous.
    What's ridiculous is omitting the words that deliver the actual content in an attempt to keep anything bad from being said about Fedor especially when the article with the quote is right there for everyone to read. By quoting what he said and not trying to politic your words around, you are not admitting anything, you are just being true to the story. But by distorting and omitting words, you kill your own credibility.
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