If by "mop the floor" with Tim, bisping is referring to winning on points; yes, he's got a great chance. He's got 5 or 6 inches of length advantage, he's got excellent mobility, and he employs the peck and run style better than anyone in the game.

I did think it was funny how pip takes Tim to task on being respectful with his call out...he could have taken his own advice several times in his career. That's about as far as I got through his crap.

I mean, he'd happily fight Cung Le, who isn't close to a top 20 ranking--and who pushes pip's length advantage into double digits--not to mention Le is well into his 40's--but he's balking at facing Tim, because Tim isn't ranked high enough.

Got it, pip. You are the man.

As much as I'd love to see Anderson destroy him--one legged--I don't want that fight now, not even for a gimme if Anderson recovers and wants to return. I hope Anderson recovers 100%, but I do not know that I want to see him to fight again.