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Thread: Michael Bisping cleared to train, wants higher-ranked opponent than Tim Kennedy

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    Love the new contenders im the middle weight vision because theirs 5 of the them that would *mop the floor * with him. Bisping will never see a title shot ! I do hope he sticks around a while so I can see his head hit the canvas a few more times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Styles make fights. Just because Rockhold beat Kennedy doesn't mean Rockhold would do better against Bisping. I think Kennedy would put the pressure on Pip and out wrestle him either to a decision or an early TKO. Rockhold on the other hand, would more than likely try to stand with Bisping where he would be more likely to eat an eye poke or two on the way to a dec loss for the former Strikeforce champ.
    Styles do make fights I agree... I just think the style Kennedy brings to this match is not in his favour. I don't see Kennedy's wrestling as being a problem for Bisping... as much as I hate to credit Bisping but he is one of the stronger MW's and has very good takedown defense and even when he is down he's pretty hard to keep there. Very few have had success against Bisping in the wrestling department and the ones that did were much better wrestlers then Kennedy. So I think we see a stand up fight with a lot of stuffed takedowns and Bisping will chip away at him in between. Kennedy also isn't really known for being a guy that pushes the pace or puts a lot of pressure on.

    Where as I think Rockhold can mix things up with his striking and not make it easy for Bisping to point fight him. He also doesn't give up the reach and height advantage like Kennedy does.


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