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Thread: Lorenzo Fertitta discusses MMA in New York, increased 2014 UFC schedule, GSP's future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. MMA View Post
    I would say Dana is also pretty much as busy. Also, most of the press conferences that Dana does speak at, Lorenzo is there somewhere but usually backstage.

    You're right though that Lorenzo doesn't have the inclination to be in the spotlight whereas you know Dana loves it. It's just too bad that he represents himself as a child some of the time showing disrespect. Some people love it, calling it "Dana is real". That's unfortunate that showing disrespect and disdain for many fighters is considered "real". You can be respectful and "be real" at the same time.
    Would you not agree that Bjorn Rebney does a better job at public relations? I find that he handles himself considerably better and thoroughly shows respect for his fighters.

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    UFC may have used a convicted sex offender to help get MMA legalized in New York
    Now it appears the UFC placed their own obstacle in their attempt to get MMA legal in New York by allegedly appointing a convicted sex offender Michael Boxley as a representative to get MMA legal in the Big Apple. Check out this excerpt from the New York Post about the gargantuan PR blunder.

    The promoters of Ultimate Fighting have damaged their chances of legalizing the sport in New York with a knockout p.r. blunder — having convicted sex offender Michael Boxley participate in an Albany reception aimed at winning votes from state lawmakers, sources told The Post.

    Even supporters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts were stunned to see Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s disgraced former aide at the Jan. 27 pro-legalization campaign event.

    Boxley was convicted in 2003 of sexually abusing a legislative staffer but has re-emerged as a lobbyist. The firm that employs him, Brown & Weinraub, represents UFC-Zuffa Entertainment, the main promoter of MMA bouts.

    Needless to say, Michael Boxley will most likely have an adverse effect on getting MMA legal in New York, at least that's what Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal told the NYPost.

    Regardless of if Michael Boxley was used by Brown & Weinraub to represent the UFC, don't be surprised if the Culinary Union leaches on to this NYPost news item and create another bizarre anti-UFC campaign.

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