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Please tell me how the production is shitty.

The cameras are on point with proper lighting. The breaks return before the round breaks are over. The commentary audio doesn't disappear randomly (ufc used to constantly). The announcers aren't great but they're not terrible or tongue-twisted and know the sport.

What is bad? Seriously.
Nothing is bad. it is just that as I said, UFC hypes a lot their product so everybody thinks that all the UFC fighters are A level fighters and are awesome (Which is not true at all), and Bellator does not hype enough their product, that is why people think that Bellator is full of C and D level fighters and they suck.

There are plenty of fighters with awesome records and good skills (You can see how Dagestani fighters make their debut in the UFC with a record of 15-0 or something like that) but for one or other reason they are not in the UFC so people think that they are bad fighters.

UFC has most of the best fighters, and they have C level fighters too. There are many very good fighters in other orgs. It is all about hype.