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Thread: Jones wants superfight with Cain Velasquez within next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by grambino View Post
    I don't believe he's top 10 in the HW division. He may be relevant for discussion sake, but not legitimate.
    That's one of the reasons, I think Jones should be very interested in fighting Cormier. That's a true testament to see if he's ready for the upper echelon of the HW division. If he were to beat Cormier convincingly, many would think he could dethrone Cain (not me )

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    UFC Champ Cain Velasquez: 'Bones' Should Beef Up for Superfight
    We carefully approached Velasquez at LAX yesterday afternoon ... and he said Bones -- the reigning light heavyweight champ -- at 6'4' has what it takes to move up a class.

    Cain said, "I think he has the body for it too ... he's tall so he can put on that weight."

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    Yikes lol.

    I keep seeing the same images in my head when I think of Cain/Jones, and it involved Cain utterly ghosting Jones.

    With Cain coming off a hiatus where he'll be able to mend a lot of his nagging injuries and be relatively healthy for the next year and given his utterly relentless pace, I think he'd set a record for most strikes landed in an ungodly stomping of Jones.....

    Now if Jones and his handlers are smart, they wait about a year or two or so, let Cain accumulate a few more camps and a lot more wear and tear and THEN challenge him for the title. I think Jones beats Cain in around early 2016, because I don't think Cain's body is going to hold up much longer, especially with the training he does and the camps he goes through. Those AKA guys take a fuck-tonne of damage and from the Brock fight forward, Cain has really been the walking wounded.

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