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Thread: Shinya Aoki turns down UFC offer

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    Default Shinya Aoki turns down UFC offer

    Shinya Aoki turns down UFC offer

    Chatri Sityodtong
    •The rumors are true. UFC offered contracts to 3 fighters on the Evolve Fight Team: Shinya Aoki, Eddie Ng, and Leandro Brodinho. After careful reflection, Shinya and Eddie have both decided to stay in ONE FC due to more favorable economics. Brodinho has not made a final decision yet and is currently thinking through everything.
    •Leandro "Brodinho" Issa from the Evolve Fight Team is now a UFC fighter!
    •At the end of the day, it is a personal decision for a fighter where he/she chooses to compete.
    •I'd love to see Evolve fighters in every major organization around the world.
    UFC signs bantamweight prospects Dave Galera, Royston Wee, and Leandro Issa for UFN 34 in Singapore

    The UFC continues to sign Asian prospects to fill their line up for their inaugural trip to Singapore. As UFC officials have confirmed, Filipino URCC champion Dave Galera (5-0) has signed with the promotion and will be taking on fellow newcomer, Royston Wee (2-0) in his home country. The bout will be part of the UFC Fight Night 34 card, and an official announcement is expected to be made tomorrow.

    Galera is the first Filipino National to be signed by the UFC and he trains out of Team Lakay, the Philippines' top MMA camp that has constantly produced stars in the region. He's unbeaten in 5 contests with all wins coming by stoppage, and he recently won the URCC bantamweight title on his last bout. Although not as seasoned or experienced as his more established teammates such as Kevin Belingon, Rey Docyogen or Eduard Folayang, "The Scarecrow" has definitely showed some promise on his relatively young MMA career.

    His opponent in Wee on the other hand is 2-0 so far, and will be fighting in front of his home country as the first Singaporean to fight in the big show. He trains at Impact MMA and has claimed a couple of submission wins at Malaysian Fighting Championship.

    A third bantamweight has also been signed for the card as Evolve MMA founder Chatri Sityodtong has announced that ONE FC star Leandro Issa (11-3) has been picked up by the UFC and is set to debut against a yet to be named opponent. The Brazilian BJJ Blackbelt is a product of Evolve MMA, and has been living and training in Singapore for the past few years. He's one of the country's more popular adopted stars, and holds quality wins over Masakazu Imanari and Yusup Saadulaev.

    Although Issa has been announced to be taking on Koetsu Okazaki at ONE FC 13 in Manila, it looks like the bout will be scrapped and Victor Cui has agreed to release the fighter to pave way for a UFC berth. Sityodtong also mentioned that other Evolve MMA stars such as Shinya Aoki and Eddie Ng have both decided to decline offers from the UFC and will be staying with ONE FC "due to more favorable economics".
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    Aoki is easily one of the best 155ers(145er. Did he move down in weight?) outside of the UFC.
    And while I'm sure it's more convenient for him to fight in One FC I bet another reason he didn't sign is because he knows he'll actually have to improve on his stand up.
    If Aoki could actually threaten people on his feet No One would want to mess with him.
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    This was a smart decision. He get's beat by anybody in the top 10.
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    That's a shame. Shinya is easily one of my favourite fighters not currently in the UFC.

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    Do they get killed in taxes etc. if they fight elsewhere or is it just a comfort/recognition thing that allows Japanese fighters to make more in Japan/Asia?
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    I enjoy watching Aoki but he is FAR from well rounded. He'd get killed by most of the UFCs top 10. 145 and moreso 155 has some pretty solid wrestlers with decent stand up, the two holess in Aokis game.

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    Alvarez and Melendez showed us what happens when Aoki crosses the Pacific.

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    Aoki would get torn up in either FW or LW. He would be somewhat marketable, (even if it's as the dick who can tap most people), then someone like Bendo would make him look like a fool. We've seen what those fights look like.
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