And, according to "Kid Lightning," her stint on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 opposite bitter rival Miesha Tate (Caraway's girlfriend) shed some light on just what type of person she really is deep down. Something he says is the reason why Rousey has lost some fans and Miesha has gained them (see an example of that here).

He broke it down on a recent episode of "The MMA Hour:"

"I absolutely do (believe Ronda lost fans). I think the world's getting a little bit of balance back. The UFC PR machine is incredibly strong. Ronda was the all American blonde girl, Olympic medalist, and was beating everybody in the first round so they said, ‘This is gold, we're going to take her and mold her into whatever we want her to be.' As far as her personality, she has the credentials and physical appearance to market well. The UFC did a great job on that and I think the Ultimate Fighter shed just a little bit of light on the type of person that she really is. I do think that it exposed her, I would say, and I think the balance has shifted a little bit and Miesha has gained a lot more fan following base. I definitely don't think Miesha is the fan favorite, I mean, Ronda still has 350,000 followers, or whatever it is, and there are a lot of people who don't follow the sport that close enough that they just see the she's an Olympian and a cute girl that's a world champion. They just see the little list of credentials and accomplishments that she's done and they think this girl has done so much and she's amazing. But they don't know anything about her personally. On a personal level, I definitely think for the fans that follow MMA, it (TUF) definitely brought a little balance to women's MMA and gained followers for Miesha."

*I wonder if Mr. Tate will ever grow some balls and start beefing with a male fighter instead of focusing all his energy on Ronda.