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Thread: Following TKO win, Nate Diaz plans to ‘sit on the sidelines until somebody gets injur

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    Default Following TKO win, Nate Diaz plans to ‘sit on the sidelines until somebody gets injur

    Following TKO win, Nate Diaz plans to ‘sit on the sidelines until somebody gets injured’

    “I don’t know,” Diaz said. “I’m thinking maybe I’ll sit on the sidelines for a good long minute until somebody gets injured, then fight for a title like everybody else is doing.”

    Was he joking? Hard to say, which is the case with many of his recent comments.

    But there’s at least some truth in it, since there does seem to be a mini-injury epidemic among UFC lightweights lately. First T.J. Grant lost his title shot due to lingering concussion issues, and then replacement challenger Thomson was forced to forego his when Pettis went down with a knee injury. If Diaz waited, it might not be such a bad idea.

    Then again, waiting around for fights isn’t something Diaz has excelled at in his UFC tenure, as he was quick to point out.

    “I do have a lot of losses on my record and other people have a lot of s–t to talk about me losing fights, but if you take a look at my record compared to other people’s records, for every two fights [they fight], I’ve fought six, seven times,” Diaz said.

    He has a point. The win over Maynard marked his 19th appearance in the Octagon. Maynard, who also debuted on the same TUF 5 Finale in June of 2007, has only fought 14 times in that same time span. While many fighters say they’d ideally like to average around three fights a year, Diaz has actually done it, even if he may not believe he’s better off as a result.

    “If they were consistent like I am,” he said of lightweight contemporaries, “they’d have more losses than me. So maybe I’ll sit around for a while and wait for an injury to pop up.”

    Nate Diaz on ‘TUF 18’ Finale Knockout: ‘I’m Glad They Stopped It When They Did’

    “My mission is always to win, and I’m glad it went that way,” Diaz said during the post-fight press conference at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. “I’m glad they stopped it when they did, because this is a rough sport, and I don’t think people should be taking shots. It’s not like, ‘I want to kill that guy,’ but I do want to win.”
    “I feel like I hit hard all the time, but sometimes I just keep going. Instead of a full-blown power shot, I feel like maybe a lot more accurate punches will do. But if I slow it down and try to hit you hard, I’m going to hit you hard,” said Diaz. “My brother was going over some stuff with me in the back. He told me that if I was going to land anything to make sure it was solid and hard and not just overwhelming. It’s good, sometimes, if you get a little reminder.”
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