Anderson Silva explains 'basic mistakes' that cost him UFC title

"My mistakes in that fight, and thatís the first time Iím saying this, were basic mistakes," Silva told Sportv. "I did everything I had to do except hit him. I didnít counterattack. When I stopped with my feet parallel, I should have hit him and walked one step behind. I didnít do that. I saw my mistakes and Iím working on that to train for this next fight."

The Brazilian won his 16 previous bouts under the UFC banner with 14 finishes, and expects the rematch to end the same way.

"Itís going to be a tough fight," he said, "and it wonít last too long if it stays standing."

After scoring the upset of the year, Weidman doesnít expect an easy bout in the rematch.

"I wish I could sit back and relax and I feel like Iíve accomplished my goal, but I gotta win this next fight bad," the undefeated champion said. "Every fight just feels like it's the life changer, feels like the most important fight of your life, and we're still there. This next fight is huge for me, I gotta win."