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That's definitely one way you can look at it. Questioning why a product you want rose in price isn't what I was talking about. But if $5 is going to break the bank and cause problems, then you could probably better spend $54.99 on something more useful in your life than a PPV.
I don't disagree with what you said but still nice for people on tight budgets to be able to splurge on a luxury once in a while

Also, sometimes you can complain of a price increase all you want, but if the cost of creating the product goes up, thus goes up the price of the product. I could be wrong, but I believe there are three people on this card that are getting PPV points in addition to their show/win salaries, if that's the case then I can see why they would bump up the price a bit, and it isn't unreasonable in my opinion. So, no you don't have to blindly accept a price increase, but if you don't you certainly have the option to watch it at a bar, online, or cry about not paying for it.
The ppv points thing is based off sales though so the upfront cost to the UFC is the same. They are predicting pretty big sales numbers for this PPV so in reality the UFC is already making more then the normal amount they would without the price hike. The $5 for me or you is no big deal but it is pretty much just price gouging on the the part of the UFC.