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Thread: White interested in ‘Shogun’ moving to 185 or retiring – with UFC Fight Night 33 loss

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    Default White interested in ‘Shogun’ moving to 185 or retiring – with UFC Fight Night 33 loss

    White interested in ‘Shogun’ moving to 185 – or retiring – with UFC Fight Night 33 loss

    s a huge fight for both of these guys,” White said. “Obviously for ‘Shogun’ Rua, to be in this position right now fighting a guy like Te Huna – this is the fight of Te Huna’s life. If Te Huna wins this fight, it catapults him into the Top 10, everybody knows his name and everybody’s going to want to see what’s next for him.

    “And yes, if ‘Shogun’ loses this fight, I probably would have that (retirement) conversation with him.”

    At a recent fan Q&A in his native Brazil, Rua said he has never given serious thought to dropping down from light heavyweight – and that he’d have to consult with doctors before making such a drop. He wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

    If faced with his boss wanting him to hang up the gloves or drop down to middleweight, who knows what the 32-year-old would say.

    White said he hasn’t had the conversation with the former champ about making the move, but will wait to see what happens this week.

    “I have not, but it’s not a bad idea,” White said. “If he lost this fight, I’d be interested in giving him a run at 185.”

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    I'd rather he dropped than retire.
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    Shogun being motivated enough to make 185 is questionable.

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    Shogun, after his loss to Sonnen, said that he wants to fight for another 6-7 years, so Dana is not going to be able to make Shogun retire. If that is what Dana wants, then Shogun probably would ask to be released from his contract or be forced to sit out for the remainder of his contract (unsure when that is). Shogun's style and fights are exciting, and he would easily get picked up by Bellator (where people even today would be interested in seeing a Shogun-Rampage II) or OneFC (where he is huge in Japan and he can use soccer kicks to the head again).
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    I admit, A shogun vs rampage rematch is much more exciting to me than a rampage vs ortiz match.

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    “Amazing Performance” Allows Shogun Rua to Fight at Whatever Weight He Wants

    Once he was taken down by Chael Sonnen at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston, Shogun Rua wouldn’t get back to his feet until after tapping out to a guillotine choke.

    And once he walked out of the Octagon that night in August, he dealt with, more than ever before, chatter of him being better fit for a lighter weight class. The talk about fighting at 185 pounds followed him to Australia, where Shogun met rising light heavyweight fighter James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33.

    What happened next stopped the middleweight banter … for now.

    A first-round knockout of Te Huna said enough for Shogun and his case to stay at 205 pounds, but the former divisional champ went the extra mile at the post-fight news conference, saying decisions regarding weight classes won’t be made immediately.

    “I don’t think about changing weight classes right now,” Rua said. “I’m not thinking about any belt or title right now; I’m thinking about my next fight and winning my next fight. This is my next dream, my next goal, and it’s what I’m going to fight hard and battle for.”
    Shogun dropped his Fight Night foe with a left hook as Te Huna stepped forward, attempting to land a lead uppercut. The impact from Rua’s punch left Te Huna, an owner of 10 knockouts by his own right, collapsing to the canvas like a marionette that had its strings cut – seemingly lifeless.

    An emotional Shogun threw one more punch for good measure, but it was unnecessary, as Te Huna as laid defenseless. Luckily for him, Rua’s follow-up punch just grazed his face.

    When the winner was asked how he felt about Dana White’s comments when the UFC president was questioned about Rua dropping a weight class, Shogun chuckled, directing those questioning him to his boss’ Twitter page for clarification.

    “I saw that he put on Twitter after the fight that this was a knockout of the century or something like that,” Rua said, adding, “so I think he was happy with my fight.”
    And wouldn’t you know it, he was right.

    “Shogun can stay at whatever weight class he wants to,” White tweeted. “His performance tonight was amazing.”
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    Lil Nog II or Hendo II might be really cool and do good business on say a FOX card, barring those... I guess maybe Bader or T. Silva, but looking at a top ten guy like Phil Davis, I think afterwards we'd continue hearing conversations about Shogun being done and needing to drop down etc.

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