White interested in ‘Shogun’ moving to 185 – or retiring – with UFC Fight Night 33 loss

s a huge fight for both of these guys,” White said. “Obviously for ‘Shogun’ Rua, to be in this position right now fighting a guy like Te Huna – this is the fight of Te Huna’s life. If Te Huna wins this fight, it catapults him into the Top 10, everybody knows his name and everybody’s going to want to see what’s next for him.

“And yes, if ‘Shogun’ loses this fight, I probably would have that (retirement) conversation with him.”

At a recent fan Q&A in his native Brazil, Rua said he has never given serious thought to dropping down from light heavyweight – and that he’d have to consult with doctors before making such a drop. He wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

If faced with his boss wanting him to hang up the gloves or drop down to middleweight, who knows what the 32-year-old would say.

White said he hasn’t had the conversation with the former champ about making the move, but will wait to see what happens this week.

“I have not, but it’s not a bad idea,” White said. “If he lost this fight, I’d be interested in giving him a run at 185.”