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Ariel tweeted about the UFC having not made her an offer yet and that Holm's people said she wasn't ready yet, while others are saying both ZUFFA and Invicta offered her less than the 20K she was currently making and she wants to get some more wins to get herself a better deal.

She's really exciting(yet raw) and will eventually make it to the UFC, but I'd be happy with her taking her MMA growth more gradually.
I wouldn't say she's exactly raw. Maybe with MMA rules and regulations yes and fighting in a cage. But with over 30 professional boxing matches and a professional kickboxing bout, I don't think it would be hard pressed to say if she got the figures money wise that'd she be in that cage. She's also 32, so if what they say is true about Holm as being a face of a company, well they better move on making her the face before its too late, Hell GSP is 32 and he may be retiring this friday, who knows.