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Thread: Women’s MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie retires following UFC Fight Night 33

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    Default Women’s MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie retires following UFC Fight Night 33

    Women’s MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie (16-13 MMA, 0-2 UFC) has decided to call it a career.

    After two failed bids to earn a UFC win, Kedzie took to social media to announce her fighting days are now done – and that she was going to walk away regardless of her result at UFC Fight Night 33.

    “Before walking out to my fight today, I had a long talk with my coach, and we decided that this would be my last MMA fight,” Kedzie wrote on Twitter. “I would have loved to have gone out on a win, but c’est la vie – don’t leave it to the judges. Heartbreak is a huge part of this sport.”
    “I really truly want to thank all of you for being a part of my journey as a fighter,” Kedzie wrote. “I will still be involved in MMA for the rest of my life, but now it’s time for me to accept that I can give more to the sport by stepping back and taking role in helping to develop other fighters

    “From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the UFC, my team, and all of you who have made me achieve some amazing dreams.”

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    Unfortunate but I sort of saw it coming.

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    Her thighs gave me a boner tonight.
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    I thought she won that fight 29-28 and was surprised to see Correia even believe she had a shot at the win.

    Sad to see someone go out like that.
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    Julie Kedzie Embraces Invicta FC Matchmaker Role

    December has been quite a month for former UFC women’s 135-pound fighter Julie “Fireball” Kedzie.

    Following her loss to Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 33, Kedzie retired from MMA. And just over a week later, Kedzie was named the new matchmaker of all-female fight promotion Invicta FC.

    Speaking to from Greg Jackson’s gym in Albuquerque, N.M., Kedzie discussed her decision to retire, her new position with Invicta, and the possibilities she could return to the sport as an active competitor sometime in the future. Firstly, Julie was the decision to retire something that was a long time coming or more of a spur of the moment decision?

    Julie Kedzie: It was a little of both. The words kind of just left my mouth before the fight. I was like, “Greg (Jackson), I want this to be the last one,” and he supported me. It felt like the right thing to do. Even after the fight – granted it hasn’t been too many days – but it feels like the right choice to me.

    Win or lose (to Correia) I was going to be done. People say that I quit just because I lost, but in the past when I lost I wanted to get right back on the horse and kill it, but I had no desire to do that or get back in the cage. I was done. Was the decision made more mentally or physically?

    Julie Kedzie: Again, a little of both. Physically I’m not what I used to be. I’m still very strong and can compete with people, but it’s breaking down a little bit. I’ve gotten a lot of damage, not so much in fights, but in training. I’ve had a crick in my neck for the last eight weeks, my knees are starting to go a little bit, my shoulder, while being healed enough to compete with, it was never 100-percent back to being a normal, healthy shoulder.

    Mentally and emotionally, as a fighter, I was recognizing it was time to be done. I felt a lot of happiness in my decision and I still feel really happy about it. I feel really positive and that’s a good place to be. It surprised a lot of people when just a few days after you retired you became Invicta’s new matchmaker. Was that something that had been in the works or did it just come together after you retired?

    Julie Kedzie: That role in the company was never discussed beforehand. I knew the position was open, but I didn’t stop to think about it until the dust settled from my retirement and I had returned home and realized I needed a job. I have a job at the gym, but I need more. I wanted something I could contribute to and want to have an active role in the sport the rest of my life.

    Commentary is something I never want to give up, but talking to my manager, he brought it up and I thought it would be incredible. He talked to Shannon (Knapp, Invicta VP), and Shannon called me and said I was ready for it and right for the role. What do you think you bring to the role of matchmaker?

    Julie Kedzie: I know the hopes and dreams (the fighters are) carrying with them and I want to honor them. I don’t want anybody to think I’m taking this lightly. I’m going to read every request for a fight and going to do my best to place people in the right positions.

    I can’t make any promises about anybody and I recognize that right away, but I want to encourage them and play a role in helping these fighters achieve their dreams because so many people did that for me. Did you give the UFC matchmakers a call and ask how they do it?

    Joe actually got ahold of me by email after I retired and after I got the position and we’ve emailed back and forth a little bit about it. I look up to them and will try to follow the ways they’ve done things because they’re the best in the business. Thanks for taking time out for us, Julie. Before we go, is there any chance you’d return to MMA as a fighter or do you feel you’re retired for good?

    Julie Kedzie: I feel like that’s it, I’m done, see you, but you never want to predict your entire future. Like I said before, if Dana White calls offering me to fill in and fight Ronda Rousey or Miesha Tate for a title shot and $500,000, I’d be all for it.

    I do love fighting and I love being a part of it and intend to stay active in the gym, but right now I just don’t see myself as a fighter anymore. I feel done, but I cannot predict my entire future in one day.
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