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Thread: Matt Brown herniates two discs, elects to withdraw from UFC on Fox 9 fight

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    Well this sucks. Since there's a replacement fight already, I wonder when and who Condit gets matched up with, since I think it'll take a while for Brown to heal. Is Tyron Woodley matched up with anyone yet? Maybe Robbie Lawler, as some mentioned.

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    My question would only be this: how many days notice does a fighter have to have to actually get licensed to fight on short notice? Is there even such a rule? Ive always thought its a long shot for fighters to get replacement guys a week before solely because of medicals, and the process of getting licensed by the hosting commission but i could be wrong in thinking that.
    Not too sure of the answer to your question but Leben comes to mind when he fought Akyama.. I think he got like a week or week and a half notice.

    With fight scratched, Carlos Condit looking to enjoy holidays, reschedule bout with Matt Brown
    “Right now, I’m going to spend time with my family over the holidays and hope that Matt heals up quickly so that we can reschedule this fight soon,” Condit said. “Thanks to all of the fans out there for their support.”
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