Lauren Murphy Wins Inaugural Invicta FC Bantamweight Title, Remains Undefeated

Murphy came from behind at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, Missouri to become the first Invicta FC bantamweight titleholder.

Nakamoto used her reach and striking advantage to keep Murphy on the outside in the opening round. She drove leg kicks into the lead leg of Murphy and defended Murphy’s takedown attempts in the second frame.

Murphy came back in the third round, closing the distance and taking the fight to the ground. From there, she landed elbows and changed the momentum of the fight.

Following the third round, Natakmoto complained of a knee injury to her corner suffered while trying to defend a takedown. She came out for the forth frame but 23-seconds later the knee gave out and she was unable to continue.

“Might just have to start calling me Lauren “Comeback” Murphy because I know that first round really wasn’t going my way,” said Murphy following the win. “When I came back in the third, I was just like I want to do this for the next couple of rounds and pull out the win, maybe get the TKO.”

“I knew she was tired, but I didn’t know she was that injured,” said Murphy about Nakamoto’s injury.

No fighter wants to win due to an injury, and Murphy offered to give Nakamoto a rematch at a later date.

“I think she’s an amazing fighter, and I’ve never been hit that hard in the ring. If she wants a rematch, I’d be totally down to give it to her because I don’t think anyone wanted to see it end that way. I didn’t want to get the victory this way, but I’m going to go home tonight the champion,” she said.

The win improves Murphy’s undefeated record to 8-0 and she plans to hold on to the title for a long time.

“I’m on a quest to be one of the best in the world and I’m going to keep coming in here and keep proving that for as long as I have to and as long as you guys will have me,” said the new titleholder.

Invicta FC 7 results: Barb Honchak outlasts Leslie Smith to retain belt

As expected, Leslie Smith (6-4-1) proved a worthy challenger, but Barb Honchak (9-2) proved an equally upstanding champion, retaining her Invicta FC flyweight title belt in a 25-minute slugfest.

The contest served as the main event of Saturday’s Invicta FC 8 event, which took place at Missouri’s Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City and aired on pay-per-view.

After some back-and-forth action to open the bout, Honchak scored a takedown late in the frame and transitioned quickly to the back, where she looked to sneak in a rear-naked choke. However, Smith was active in defense and rolled to keep her neck free.

Smith opened the second with her typical volume striking, but a Honchak front kick sent her toppling to the floor. Smith crawled up, and the two continued their battle, but it was Honchak who seemed to get the best of the action.

In the third, Smith continued to press with non-stop punching. Honchak remained willing to trade, and the pair engaged in several tow-to-toe exchanges. Honchak punctuated the frame with a massive takedown at the end, but her opponent seemed to be the fresher fighter.

The pattern stayed consistent through the championship rounds, as Smith was relentless with her striking, but Honchak was equally confident in the department while also mixing in takedowns to add to her success. In the end, she was awarded a decision win, 49-46 on all three cards.

Invicta 7 results: Shannon Knapp going to try and make TV deal happen

Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp has been patient in regards to finding a TV partner for the all-female fight promotion, but she may be forced to lock up a TV deal before Invicta FC 8, to avoid any possible chance at yet another night of technical drama.

Knapp was a guest this week on MMAmania's "Darce Side Radio" podcast and she explained that the TV interest in Invicta has grown and some conversations with interested partners will be taking place soon.

"There is interest," Knapp said. "There are doors that maybe were a little open before, that have opened a little bit more. We'll see. I have got some meetings after this event and we will see where we go from there. It is of course something that I'm going to focus on and try to make happen. I just want us to have a good partner, someone that believes in what we are doing."

I'm sure she wants a partner that can show her fight cards without her having to worry if she will make it through the night without having to pay fans and viewers back. As the head of the promotion, she was right in weighing all the options, before making a hasty decision. But now the clock is ticking, and a young promotion like Invicta can't afford to keep losing money.

Knapp also said, "I knew it would take us longer than most promotions, because we still had to convince people that an all-female promotion would be successful. I was prepared for that and more than ready for it. I'm very optimistic, I always am."
Invicta 7 'Honchak vs. Smith' results: Sooo...About last night
Tecia Torres steals the show...

The hype surrounding the strawweight bout between Tecia Torres and Felice Herrig was focused solely on Herrig. Herrig attracts media and fan attention because she's willing to use sex appeal to garner headlines. That's not necessary a negative thing either.

If you looked at their attire, Herrig sported a skirt filled with some pretty big sponsors, clearly the most lucrative for the entire show. But being able to take photos is totally different than being able to fight. What we saw last night was a one-sided affair where Torres was just better everywhere.

Torres was the strong, faster, and more technical fighter. Herrig is known as a striker and Torres just dominated her in all aspects of the stand up game. I'm not sure she's ready for Carla Esparza but she's definitely a fighter to watch over the next couple of years.