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Thread: Cormier will 'hurt' Rashad Evans to get his title shot, but he's not going to like it

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    DC by descision

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    Daniel Cormier: ‘Very confident I’m going to be able to make that weight’

    But Cormier, who appeared on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, is already troubleshooting some eleven weeks out from the fight. The first thing, he says, is using the next two weeks to whittle down into a 224-pound frame to begin his actual camp in San Jose. Right now he weighs 234 pounds.

    Beyond that, as a life-long competitor, "DC" says he’s got things under control.

    "I’ll be fine," he told host Ariel Helwani. "I feel very confident I’m going to be able to make that weight, and compete well."

    Cormier plans to "eat clean" and keep his nose to the grindstone in incrementally dropping the weight. He also said he plans to use Aaron Simpson, the former UFC fighter, as a counselor in the ordeal. Simpson used to struggle to make middleweight in the UFC yet -- through advancements in weight-cutting technique -- ended up fighting as a welterweight. He also said he would reach out to Mike Dolce, the nutrition guru/lifestyle-changer who has faced far greater challenges than Cormier (people like Thiago Alves, for instance).

    "I’m going to use everybody who can help me get this weight off and help me do it as safely as possible," Cormier said.
    There’s a hitch. Cormier says he doesn’t expect to face Jones for the belt, but Teixeira, the challenger he advises people to not fall asleep on.

    "I think [Glover]’s going to win," Cormier said. "He’s a big, tough, strong guy, he can wrestle -- he presents a lot of problems that Jon faced in Alexander Gustafsson. Glover’s got to be 6’3", so, big guy too who presents a lot of them same problems."
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Come on Rashad.
    A tiger never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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    Ask you wife :)


    Very scary first fight at lhw for DC.. Unlike Davis DC can strike so dont anticipate a re enactment
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    As much as i like Rashad. . .

    Just like Frankie edgar will always beat BJ Penn and Cain owns JDS I think Rashad will never beat Jones. Middleweight becons?

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