Mac Danzig Dishes on Joe Lauzon, Retirement, Seeking Perfection, and More

ďI donít really have boring fights. Any time Iíve had a fight that wasnít that exciting Ė it takes two to tango. On my side of things, Iíve never put out a boring fight, and I never plan on it, and I think thatís why I still have my spot with the company and why they know that Iím always game to fight whoever. Lauzon is very similar; I look at him as a very similar fighter in that regard Ė he puts it all on the line, and heís fought some really tough guys, always steps up. The great thing about Lauzon Ė and I think Iím kind of the same Ė heíll seize the opportunities to finish in any way possible, and thatís what makes those Fight of the Night performances. Heís not just sitting back on a lead. He doesnít score a takedown and then run the rest of the round because he knows he has that round in the bag; heís not a point fighter. Heís going in for the kill, and I think Iím the same. I think weíre pretty evenly matched, and itís just going to come down to who wants it more.Ē
ďIím a fan of the sport. Iím a fan of MMA and a fan of boxing Ė and I like all those great fights that were just brilliant pieces of spontaneous art unfolding, and thatís what really draws me to the sport. Thatís why I train, thatís why I became a fighter, and I want to put on some performances like that. Win, lose, or draw, I really just want to be a part of some classic fights.Ē
ďI donít want to take permanent damage though, and that is a very real thing. This is what we all sign up for Ė this sport is dangerous; itís a lot safer than other sports, but weíre still knocking each other out. That takes a toll on your body. My heart is still in it 100 percent, but I want to make sure that when Iím 65, Iím sharp and I donít have any kind of problems with my memory. I want to be running marathons and with it in my 60s; thatís the main thing. (However), if this is my last fight, you better believe Iím not going out easy.Ē