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Thread: WSOF 7 – 94,000 Viewers

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    Default WSOF 7 – 94,000 Viewers

    WSOF 7 – 94,000 Viewers

    December 10, 2013

    MMA Payout has learned through Nielsen sources that World Series of Fighting’s event on Saturday night received a meager 94,000 viewers. WSOF 7 from Vancouver, BC in Canada competed with a heavy night of college football, boxing and Invicta FC.

    WSOF 1 – 198,000 viewers
    WSOF 2 – 210,000 viewers
    WSOF 3 – 201,000 viewers
    WSOF 4 – 264,000 viewers
    WSOF 5 – 227,000 viewers
    WSOF 6 – 161,000 viewers
    WSOF 7 – 94,000 viewers

    The 94,000 viewer average is a substantial drop off from its other events. Even WSOF 6, which aired on the same night as the Mayweather-Alvarez fight, garnered 161,000 viewers.

    Payout Perspective:

    A tough night for WSOF as it competed with championship weekend in College Football, dueling boxing events on HBO and Showtime and an Invicta FC “PPV.” While the event included the amazing Nick Newell, there were no other compelling fights on the card despite crowning a new Featherweight Champion. Was it poor planning that WSOF scheduled its event on the same night as other events or is it a case that the organization has to get dates for events where it can be fit in?

    As the WSOF heads into 2014, it will have an opportunity to be on NBC twice. Hopefully, it can sufficiently build interest in its product before both events on the network. Also, let’s hope for WSOF’s sake that the dates do not coincide with other major sporting events.
    The originally scheduled main event of Pyle vs Johnson would have helped these ratings. But even without that fight, these ratings are weak and continue a downward trend over the past 3 events.

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    I for one enjoyed the hell out of the event.

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    So suprised to see it was on free to air tv live here in NZ.

    No mma on NZ tv at all unless on sky tv.

    Must be Ray Sefo's doing.

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    I think a big part is the lack of advertisement. I honestly didn't even remember it was going on, until I randomly flipped through the channels. Maybe that's just me though, since I really don't watch NBC at all anymore, since all the shows that I do watch on it either ended or are on hiatus (except Parks & Rec , but my DVR scheduler is taken over on Thursdays).

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    ^ poor advertising is spot on. they were advertising the event while the event was going on. One would think they would be advertising their next event throughout the night but that wasnt the case.


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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