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I won't even try to debate this, I'm no expert. Interesting that you mention the 30% in the age range of 40-79, I don't think Vitor or many others are in that age category yet. I wonder what the stats are for 20-30 or 30-40?

Well, he did say "100% Prescription steroids", not artificial steroids, word play, I know. Testosterone is still a steroid, even though it's natural. So if your doctor is prescribing it, then it's a prescription steroid IMHO.
Like I said in another thread, I have no problem with TRT if it's used to get a man back to normal levels. That is easily accomplished with low dose creams. The problem is, some of these guys use TRT to get to abnormally high levels and then it does act as a steroid.

If a fighter had hypogonadism and took trt to go from a level of 200 to 500, there is nothing wrong with that in my eyes. (Normal healthy young male levels are typically 400-600). When they take it like Vitor does and go to off the charts levels over 1000, that is abuse.