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Thread: 11 Strawweights join UFC from Invicta for TUF, winner gets belt

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    Bec Hyatt says sex appeal plays 'a huge role' in women's MMA.

    "I think it plays a big part in women's MMA and any sport, really," says Hyatt. "People try to think that it doesn't but, really, we all judge people. We're all looking at that one guy going, 'he's hot.' So I think it does play a huge role. I try to let my fighting do the talking. I don't like showing my butt and getting my boobs out and stuff like that. I do not sell myself like that, but I'm sure I've got a few fans because they like the way I look. I don't know. Yea, I like to let the fighting do the talking but if people follow me because they like that I have tattoos or crazy hair then so be it. It doesn't worry me why people follow me. As long as I stay true to myself. I always say I'll never sell my soul. I'll never do a naked shoot or anything like that, but each to their own."

    As one might expect, Hyatt is particularly excited about being introduced to larger audiences through 'The Ultimate Fighter.'

    "I welcome it. I love the exposure. As you know, they call me the marketing genius. I think it's awesome. The exposure us girls are going to get is going to be amazing. Just like the 135ers. It's really helped women's MMA take off. There's nothing bad that can come out of this. Nothing at all."

    While several UFC women's bantamweights have stated an interest in coaching the series' next installment, Hyatt wouldn't mind training with a pair of the top flyweights.

    "I think it'd be really cool to have men coaches. Just to change it up a bit. Like the last season was women coaches so give two guys a spot. I was thinking of Demetrius Johnson or someone like that, the little guys. Little midget for entertainment."
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Namajunas is very very good, her ground skills are pretty amazing and overall she is a very good fighter. She needs a lot of experience, but I believe that she definitely can be champion one day.
    She is the gf of Pat Barry btw
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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