Souza: I have the style to beat Weidman

Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza already has two impressive wins, but is already being talked about for a potential title fight down the road. Souza himself, is up for the challenge, and feels like he has the right mix of tools to defeat current champion Chris Weidman, or anyone for that matter:

"I have the perfect style to beat anyone, including Chris Weidman," he said. "Many people donít believe in my potential yet, but thatís how I like it. I still have much to prove, Iíve fought only twice in the UFC, but I can guarantee you that Iím ready for any challenge to prove I have what it takes to get the title.

"(Carmont) is a well-rounded fighter. He started his career in the striking area but has been taking down his opponents recently, doing a great job with his wrestling and jiu-jitsu. Itís a complicated fighter to set up a strategy, but thatís the type of challenge I like to fight."