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Machida, Vitor and Souza pose interesting challenges. Vitor is scary on the feet but I think Weidman beats him up badly on the ground. Weidman is a nightmare matchup for Mousasi who has terrible TDD. I think Kennedy doesn't offer Weidman anything.
I agree with vitor and Mousasi getting beat up on the ground. But I wouldn't completely right him as he is on fire at the moment. Mousasi does have terrible tdd tho but he is pretty active from the bottom.

Souza has improved his striking a lot. I don't really think Chris striking is great yet. He is pretty creative tho like that nasty counter elbow he hit munoz with.

Machidas footwork is just too much for Chris to get off on the feet I think. With machida he'd need to smother him and work some ground and pound.

Im not a big Kennedy fan but he is pretty well rounded and think he'd make an interesting match up.

The middleweight division has never looked this stacked imo.

Oh and call me crazy but id like to see Chris rematch Uriah Hall if strings up some wins.