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I think Condit should get the shot. He is actually coming off of a win and I'd love to see him fight Hendricks again, I feel he has the skills to be a great WW champ. I just compared Hendricks getting a shot after a loss to Chael getting a shot after a loss. Chael got finished, try to lessen that fact all you want, but he got his ass beat. Can you say the same for Hendricks? No. All I'm saying is that the two scenarios are not exactly the same.
Again, I think this is marketing. I believe they know they're going to take a hit in the ratings without Georges. Write this one off as a loss and give a streaking Lawler a shot at a winnable fight...then when Condit faces the winner--and buyrates go up--then can market it as being on the rebound...and I'm certain Dana will talk about how Georges' return is "right around the corner."