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Thread: What's next for the Post GSP Welterweight Division.

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    GSP coach: TMZ went too far

    GSP's longtime coach Firas Zahabi appeared on Alchemist radio, and said that the media went too far.

    Mitch Ciccarelli has the story via B/R.

    “I can take it and so can Georges, but they went a little too far when they started running after people in his family,” said Zahabi.

    “That was crossing the line. They started a rumor that his dad is dying and all these ridiculous crazy things. That was pushing the envelope. They went way too far with it.”

    “He’s doing fantastic. He’s found a happy medium between training and living his life. He’s only training once a day now, which is something he would never do before—he used to train twice a day at the very least."

    “It became too much for him and now he’s taking it easy. I think his body needs the rest; he needs this time off.”

    “The body has its limitations. He’s spent more time in the Octagon than anyone else. He broke the record in his last fight. If you think about it, most of his fights were title fights, so that’s a lot of mileage."

    “I mean, look at a guy like Anderson Silva; he could have retired two fights ago. At the end of the day, you either give your body a break or it forces you to take one.”

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    TMZ are heartless, pathetic human beings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Hendricks will not steam roll Lawler.
    Yes he will

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