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Thread: White: Nick Diaz turned down rematch with Carlos Condit for UFC 171

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    Yep. He think everyone owes him something....I hope he stays gone.

    Nick....stay retired. Moving on....
    The drama will never stop out of that camp.

    Nick has two straight losses and he should not be demanding shit. Let him sit there and not get paid. I hope he does not fight again.
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    Rousey: Nick Diaz will be back
    "Yeah, I think he will," she said, as transcribed by MMAFighting.

    "Nick's been fighting for a really really long time. I've only been fighting for three years, I mean, he's been fighting I think for over a decade now. This sport puts a lot of miles on you very quickly. If he feels like he needs a rest and to take a break, you can't fight for anyone other than yourself. You can't fight sooner than you feel like you should. It really is a life and death situation out there and you have to do it when you feel it's right."

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    Don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingrobert View Post
    Not sure why Nick turned that fight down. I thought Nick won the last fight. Very winnable fight that he doesn't have to worry about being wrestled to the matt and held there.
    either way..this looks bad for Diaz. He's always been a sore loser....riggss...diego....he used to try to avoid wrestlers now he's avoiding elusive strikers like conduit. He wants an undersized WW with no wrestling or reach. he wants tailor made opponents. good luck diaz. for the record he was outstuck by carlos and gsp. lost both fights.
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