So I just watched the 2nd Episode of TUF China & I have a few questions.

1. Are the coaches for this season even in the same weight class?
2. How was the cast selected?
I didn't see the 1st Episode, so I don't know if they had to fight to get into the house. But there was a guy(Li Jin Ying) who literally didn't even know how to throw a punch. Cung Le said "to stay on the show you have to go a few rounds with one of the coaches so we can see what you have." He was easily taken down and instantly covered up & the coaches just looked at each other like What The Fuck Is This!?!
So Li Jin Ying willingly left the show.
3. Are these guys even fighters?
I searched a few of the names on Sherdog and nothing popped up. Another reason I ask that is because the 1st fight was really really weak. One guy was easily taken down, had his back taken, was easily flattened out, & eventually TAPPED TO STRIKES like he was Bob Sapp or some shit.
Unless you're Bob Sapp or a huge pussy(which I guess could still be Bob Sapp) who the fuck taps to strikes?

One episode down and so far I have to say this season looks absolutely atrocious.
I'll watch a few more and see if they start getting better.