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I agree, maybe slight edge to Mighty Mouse because of the fact that hes the champion. I hope Weidman gets it if he wins but he has only had one fight this year so far, If guys with two fights are eligible then Velasquez should be in consideration as well.
I think you have to consider how much Weidman's schedule was actually in his control. Vitor was able to pick and choose bouts, Weidman was announced as the #1 contender in July of 2012, then he has to wait for Anderson/soares to actually accept him as a contender/deal with injuries/fight vanity bouts with Bonnar/agree to face him, then he had to rehab his own injury. Then he finishes Anderson, but has to wait more than 6 months for an immediate rematch.

You can't really justifiably compare that kind of nonsense to fighters who are dealing with non-diva schedules. I can only imagine the outcry if Georges had announced he wasn't vacating the belt, but that he wasn't willing to face Hendricks until the beginning of June 2014. The angsty whines would be loud enough to hear from outside the solar system.

If Weidman manages to beat Anderson twice in a calendar year--let alone if he manages to actually finish him again--it would eclipse anything else that has been done in 2013.