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Thread: Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Fails Post-Fight Drug Test, Stripped of $50,000 Bonus

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    Default Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Fails Post-Fight Drug Test, Stripped of $50,000 Bonus

    Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Fails Post-Fight Drug Test, Stripped of $50,000 Bonus

    Despite gaining approval for the use of testosterone replacement therapy, Antonio Silva still failed his post-fight drug test following a “Fight of the Year” candidate against Mark Hunt in the headliner of UFC Fight Night 33.

    MMAjunkie learned of the failure through multiple sources close to the event, which took place Dec. 7 at Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, and was regulated by the promotion. UFC officials have since confirmed the failed screen, which indicated an elevated testosterone level.

    “Silva is on a medically approved regimen of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and had been in compliance with therapeutic guidelines on all pre-fight tests performed prior to the event,” a statement issued by a UFC rep read. “The results of his test on the day of the event indicated a level of testosterone outside of allowable limit. Silva has been informed that the elevated testosterone level is a violation of the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and his Promotional Agreement with Zuffa.

    Silva, a onetime title challenger, will be suspended for nine months. Additionally, he was stripped of his $50,000 “fight of the Night” bonus, which will now be awarded to Hunt.

    Silva and his camp weren’t immediately available for comment, and a call to the UFC for further comment went unreturned.

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    2nd failed test I believe.

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    So, one of the best HW MMA fights in recent memory gets an asterisk, eh?

    Since it's a draw does it get changed to a NC or do they just leave it alone?
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    So is it still a draw or is it now a no contest?
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    Oh well. Now mark hunt is $50,000 richer.
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    Welllllllll shit.

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    id like to say im surprised...but im not.

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    Wait, he was on TRT?

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    Godfuckingdamnit. Has there ever been a draw that was turned into a no contest after someone failed a drug test? I don't think so, but I'm not one hundred percent positive.

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    He had acromegalia .... he might be the only one i'd give a pass on TRT but if his levels are too high for fighting he needs to move on.

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