Weidman: I want to solidify my belt

Although Chris Weidman is the undisputed UFC middleweight champion, he knows that to be a real champion, you must defend the title:

"I feel the same as a lot of other champions. I feel like to solidify my championship, I need to defend my belt and especially going against the same guy, with everybody saying it was a fluke. It's not really extra pressure, just more motivation to prove them wrong. I'm just excited to go out there and prove them wrong."

Weidman shockingly knocked out Silva in the second round of their championship duel at UFC 162 in "Sin City." And the pride of New York does not feel like he has to own up to another knockout or win the fight differently a second time around.

"I'm going to go out there and try to finish him whether it's on the feet or the ground. I'll take either one. Whatever I feel like I could get at the time, I'll take it," he said.

Sonnen: Takedowns key to Weidman winning
UFC Tonight Host Chael Sonnen on Silva vs. Weidman: “Anderson Silva is the favorite in this fight. You could say in the last one he got caught. What people miss, he was getting dominated before the knockout in the last one. Anderson has a big gap to close.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on Anderson Silva’s keys to victory at UFC 168: “Anderson needs to go back to what he knows. He’s got to be on his wrestling game and to keep the range. Leg kicks from the outside will help him keep the range. If he does get taken down, he’s got to work from the bottom, or get back to his feet. And he can’t be cocky.”

Sonnen on Weidman’s keys to victories: “It’s the takedowns. He was a college all-American in wrestling. He’s got to move forward, he can’t back up. He’s got to land the takedown, and have ground control. He’s got to look for a submission, but watch out for Silva’s submission attempts.”

Sonnen on Silva’s clowning: “That’s how he sets you up. He’s like the Medusa; he freezes you and gets you to turn to stone, then knocks you out. He did that to stop the take downs in the first fight.”