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Your point was Vitor only fighting in Brazil. GSP fought for a long time only in Canada. He was caught greasing....is it really a stretch to say if he was greasing that he might have tried other forms of cheating? Oh but he didn't know he was getting grease rubbed over his body...................... Yea sorry but a lame as the I didn't know what the DR was doing the I didnt know my corner guy was rubbing grease on me is even lamer. I have never heard GSP say this, but that is what you seem to be implying.
Not trying to completely destroy the rest of your post here, because you bring up valid points. But I do have to point out that greasing isn't really against the rules.
The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of an unarmed combatant. The referees or the Commission shall cause any excessive grease or foreign substance to be removed.
It's not a DQ offense, or even an offense that can cause a point deduction. It pretty much equates to a fighters' corner dumping too much water on the mat, and the fight having to be paused to clean some of it up.