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I think I've got my act together, if I've got an act. Wait, what's an act anyways?

I will score em as soon as possible, I'm hoping to even get 'er done the night of the event.

My plan is I'm setting up a spreadsheet, which I'll pre-enter everyone's picks. And all I have to do is punch in the winners, rounds and methods, and it will auto-calculate everyone's scores. And then I'll throw them online (if I'm sober enough at the time). Might take a week or 2 to get the bugs out, but I think it's coming along pretty good thus far (although I have yet to score an event yet).

Anyways the balls will not drop, or I hope not.
Thanks for taking over the scoring Sick Lunatic. Even though it might not seem like it from some posters comments, those of us who play consistently really appreciate all the effort put in by those tallying up the scores.