Oh don't get it twisted it. I am not bitching about you bitching. In fact what I am doing is killing time at work laughing at how pathetic you come across on these boards when you get your panties in wad. You are so sensitive and get so butt hurt when someone contradicts you or does not agree with you that it actually becomes entertaining right up until it just gets annoying. At which point I just stop reading what you type.

It wasn't a personal shot, it was a hahaha this is fucking pathetic I'm board so I will jump in kinda thing. Plus, my post was actually relevant in the fact that I no longer play the game but was backing up the fact that the rules have been relaxed since I last played.

As far as saying anything derogatory, I have not come after you in any way other than to say you are crying and bitching about this game. You have said the same thing about others in this thread.