This fight card is why I never do pick ems...smh. A couple thoughts: Still can't stand Rousey, it was hilarious to see how fast she went from everyone chanting her name to everyone hating her from the show though, she must have been a real bitch on there. I didn't catch any episodes, so I am just assuming. Sweet sub from Jim Miller. Chris Leben needs to retire, as much as I love watching the guy fight, although I was impressed that he called the fight on his own, I figured he would be too stubborn to do that. The main event just sucked for everyone involved. I don't like either guy really, but I wanted to see a full legitimate rematch not ended by a freak accident. I'm not saying he didn't deserve the win, I'm just saying that guys train to check kicks, but very rarely does that end the fight like that. So now Anderson has a LONG road to recovery, and Weidman probably isn't really sure how to feel about that win, in the "vindication of his title" sense.