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Thread: Chris Leben's future unclear after loss to Uriah Hall

  1. Default Chris Leben's future unclear after loss to Uriah Hall

    "I'm done." Those were the words that Chris Leben uttered as he sat on his stool at the end of Round 1 of his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 168. Shortly after Leben uttered that phrase, referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in and waved off the fight, giving the TKO win to Hall at the five minute mark of the first stanza.

    The loss was Leben's fourth consecutive defeat in the UFC, dropping his overall record to 22-11, and leaving many to wonder if we would (or should) ever see him step foot in the Octagon again.

    UFC president Dana White commented on the fight at the post-fight press conference, saying, "Chris is a tough guy, and I know how bad he wanted to come back and how bad he wanted to fight. It was a perfect fight for him against Uriah. You know how tough Chris is, and for Chris to quit on the stool, he was hurt."

    Leben has been part of the UFC since appearing on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Leben's bout against Hall was his 22nd appearance inside the Octagon. The loss puts Leben's UFC record at 12-10.

    Heading into the fight, the talk was that the loser of the fight most likely faced release from the UFC. White addressed that situation as well as the potential for Leben to hang up his gloves of his own accord by saying, "Well, the guy's not making a decision right there on the spot, and I don't think that there's ever a situation where, you look at it before the fight happens, and you say, ‘yeah, these guys both need to win this fight,' but you never know what's going to happen in a fight. The fight could be a knock down, drag them out war that at the end of the day you have so much respect for both guys you wouldn't want to cut either guy. So I don't really look at it that way. I wait and see what happens."

    As for Leben, he left the Octagon before Bruce Buffer read the official decision declaring Hall the victor. He did tweet the following after the fight:

    Chris Leben ✔ @cripplerufc

    Way to go @UriahHallMMA. Next generation of this sport:real athletes. Days of winning on toughness alone are over. Good job buddy

    10:38 PM - 28 Dec 2013
    Hours after the fight card had come to an end, Leben gave an indication of the direction he was leaning when he tweeted:

    Chris Leben ✔ @cripplerufc

    Making da drive back to sd time to start a new chapter ive laned the most strikes in da ufc it was a good run wouldnt change a thing

    2:56 AM - 29 Dec 2013
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    With hind sight I'd hope Chris would of wanted to change a few things. The man needed to see the bottom a few times hopefully he stays on a upward path.

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    Hopefully this was the last time Chris Leben sets his foot inside the Octagon as a fighter. The amount of damage he has absorbed is scary. And his fighting style just doesn't work in today's UFC. People will pick him apart, they won't stand and bang with him, which makes his fight pretty boring to watch.
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    He could try his hand at 170 he's a very small MW .
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    Much class in Leben's defeat. I've never liked him--the only season of the reality show that I really watched painted a terrible picture of him that I could never get over.

    But I really appreciate the class in his message to Hall, and I hope that he does well with his life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Dude has seen the bottom NUMEROUS times. How many times does he need to see it?
    I've seen people rebound from far lower than Leben. It's an individual thing, and can't be compared. I really wish him the very best.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    He could try his hand at 170 he's a very small MW .
    I don't want to see him fight again, at any weight. There was a time where I loved to see him get his ass kicked--mostly for ducking a rematch with Mike Swick--but I just want him to get healthy, and I don't think fighting is any place for him to do that. I could see zuffa setting him up as a scout or something, keep him involved, but no more shots to his head. or his liver, for that matter.

    Again, very best of luck to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    He could try his hand at 170 he's a very small MW .
    He's slow at MW though, at WW he'd look damn near immobile.
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    I'd hate to see him go out like this but he shouldn't risk any serious injury anymore.

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    Leben vs. Koschek, one final fight for them both. Before they go to Bellator and fight Rampage.
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