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Thread: Chris Weidman's "Dirty" Defense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Icon View Post
    Just wait until people start blaming the ref for not stopping it in the first round...

    I feel bad for Weidman, I have always thought he was a bit over rated personally but he dominated Silva twice now and deserves credit for doing so. He has had both victories all but taken away from him because of peoples superhuman view of Silva. Chael gave everyone a blue print to work with against Anderson, pressure him and he cant execute his gameplan. Chael failed due to mistakes he made on his own (getting caught with the triangle and throwing a spinning backfist he had no business even trying) Anderson capitalized on both and extended his legacy. Weidman succeeded where Chael Failed. He never stood in front of Anderson flat footed, he used his striking and takedowns effectively and dominated a great fighter. He was never intimidated by Silva, even in the 2nd fight and that is what won him the title. Give the kid the credit he deserves. Silva was an amazing fighter to watch much like Fedor, but in the end we are all human and we all have weaknesses
    Over/under 2 weeks until people start blaming the ref for not stopping it in the first?

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    It was a text book leg kick check...why is this even a threa...oh bloodyelbow article.

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