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Thread: Dustin Poirier interested in rematch with Cub Swanson

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    Default Dustin Poirier interested in rematch with Cub Swanson

    Following his win over Brandao, Poirier addressed those losses, saying at the post-fight press conference, "Korean Zombie beat me, and I was prepared that night. He beat me, he beat me that night.

    My other loss is to Cub Swanson. I took that fight on short notice. I cut 30 pounds that week, flew to London, and never felt the feeling I had the night of that fight ever before in my life. It was just a bad feeling. I felt like I shouldn't have been going out there and fighting, and I would like a rematch with Cub Swanson.

    I think I deserve to be 100 percent and fight him, but we'll see what happens. I'm going to get back in the gym, and whatever the UFC wants."

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    I would actually like to see that one again. Both guys are such talented fighters BUT I think Cub should get a Title shot after Lamas.
    Fedor Emelianenko is the Greatest P4P MMA fighter to ever walk the earth, hands down.

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