MMA fighter kills one attacker, injures another

Authorities say a resident who is a trained mixed martial artist killed a man suspected of taking part in a New Mexico home invasion.

According to deputies, two days ago, four men broke into the home of Joseph Torrez on King James Road, north of Las Cruces, NM. It left one man dead, one man injured and landed two others in jail.

Deputies said it all started with an argument between Torrez and four other men. One of the men, Leonard Calvillo, called Torrez on the phone. The arrest affidavit said Calvillo threatened to go to Torrez's home. The affidavit quoted Calvillo when talking to Torrez saying, "I will kill you and your family."

Shortly after that threat, Torrez's home was seen with a broken glass door and broken window. Deputies said Calvillo along with Nathan Avalos, Sal Garces and Raymond Garces broke into the home. They said Torrez's fiancée tried to hold the four men back, but was unable to. The arrest affidavit reveals the men tossed furniture and then physically attacked Torrez.

Deputies said Torrez was able to fight off all four men, protecting himself and his family. Deputies said Sal Garces died from stab wounds. What appears to be blood stains can still be found on Torrez's property. Avalos was taken to the hospital. Calvillo and Raymond Garces were arrested and face multiple charges including aggravated battery and aggravated burglary.