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Thread: Predictions: 2014

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    Obama gets impeached
    The Teflon don isnt going anywhere till 2016. No matter how many "fake" scandals he has.

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    Cain Velasquez remains champion.

    Junior dos Santos runs through his opponents and remains the clear cut number two heavyweight.

    Jon Jones loses the title this year to Alexander Gustafsson.

    Chris Weidman remains champion after beating Hands of Jesus in their fight. He fights Jacare and gets a unanimous decision win in late summer.

    Anderson Silva has a setback in recovery and is forced to retire.

    Michael Bisping will still want a title shot even after getting smashed by Lyoto Machida.

    Johny Hendricks becomes champion and stays champion.

    GSP doesn't come back and is last seen trying to outdo Matt Serra in roundness.

    Anthony Pettis loses the title to Jose Aldo, who moves up after beating Ricardo Lamas.

    Gilbert Melendez moves down to featherweight, getting a title shot next year after a FOTY caliber win over Korean Zombie.

    Chad Mendes finally wins the featherweight title. And has a fight of the year contender with Dustin Poirier.

    Renan Barao finishes Faber and fights Cruz at the end of the year, beating him as well.

    Demetrious Johnson remains champion.

    Ronda Rousey loses to Sara McMann in a rematch due to the close nature of the first fight.

    I want Mark Hunt to make a run, but I don't think it'll happen unfortunately.

    All predictions are likely wrong.

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    Dana White will make a promise and not honour it.
    One of the Nogueira brothers will pull out of a fight.
    Atleast one champ will lose their title.
    Alteast one title fight be cancelled due to injury.
    A member of the gracie family will retire from MMA.
    A member of the Gracie family will start competing in MMA.
    Both Diego and Nate Diaz will atleast one post fight bonus.
    Dana White will lose more of his hair.
    MMA Forum members will turn on a currently well liked fighter for an irrational reason.
    Vitor Belfort will thank Jesus in a post fight interview.
    A fighter will receive a title shot over a more deserving fighter because he is the more popular fighter.
    Who ever predicted 90% of the predictions in the thread will be wrong is going to turn out to be a false prediction.
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    I'm going to go for champ predictions...

    Fly - Johnson continues his rampage vs all the other Flys and ends year as champ
    BW - Renan Barao beats Faber again in a closer match and defends 2 or 3 more times successfully
    WBW - Rousey beat all contenders by Armbar for the year
    FW - Aldo retains title, vacates and moves to LW, title fight between Uriah Faber and Frankie Edgar
    LW - Pettis comes back, defends against Punk/Bendo the. Has FOTY against Aldo in a draw and a rematch for 2015
    WW - Hendricks gets and retains the belt in 2014, beating Condit and Shields later this year
    MW - BelforTRT loses to Weidman, Machida beats Mousasi, Machida beats Weidman in a close fight, rematch for 2015
    LHW - Jones loses to Teixeira by KO, Glover retains vs Goose, glover vs Rashad in 2015
    HW - Valasquez retains vs Werdum and Browne and ends year as champ

    Also, Rashad beats Cormier, Cormier retires, Overeem beats Mir and Mir retires, TJ Grant gets a title shot again and loses, BJ loses again to Edgar, Cyborg quits the roids and signs with UFC, fights Rousey at 135lbs in 2015, Jon Jones debuts at HW, gets KTFO again, Anderson Silva fights some glamour fights before retiring, GSP returns at WW, loses by KO and retires, Lesnar does not return and Fedor remains retired
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    Bj wrecks Frankie and becomes a contender at 145
    Aldo remains champ
    By years end people will start to make the claim that Weidman may be the new Goat at MW after defending his belt a couple times
    Jones loses in 2014
    Travis Brown earns a title shot after buzz sawing through Werdum
    Cruz earns his way back and wins the belt again

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    Gilbert Melendez LW Champ
    MMA legalized in NY
    Robbie wins UFC gold
    Dominic Cruz Retires

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    Anderson Silva doesn't fight all year
    WSOF has their last card this year
    Tito Ortiz is scheduled for at least one fight in Bellator, never makes it to the cage
    Gilbert Melendez ends the year as LW champion
    Carlos Condit ends the year as WW champion
    Cain doesn't defend his title all year
    Travis Browne defeats Fabricio Werdum for the Interim HW title
    Faber wins the BW title and defends it at least once
    Cruz fights at some point
    Jones keeps the LHW title all year
    Weidman dominates all at MW
    Including Vitor, who he ground and pounds to a TKO victory
    Vitor then tests positive for elevated levels of test. in Nevada
    McMann loses a very controversial split decision to Rousey, is denied an immediate rematch.
    Mendes beats Aldo for the FW title, Aldo moves to LW
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    Jones defends his title, moves up to HW. If he does it right and puts on weight and starts with a lower to mid tier fighter, he is successful. If he jumps right into a title fight he probably gets killed.

    Anderson comes back and kicks someone's ass. Could be anyone. Chances slightly decrease if its another fight with Weidman, but anything can happen.

    Cormier loses at 205, doesn't get title shot.

    Overeem either retires or leaves the UFC one way or another. I just don't see him in the UFC by the end of the year.

    Cyborg defeates Fallon Fox for the first gender neutral title in UFC history.

    GSP picks up Curling, wins gold for Canada in the Winter Olypics.

    Faber wins the Belt.

    Machida wins the belt at Mw.
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    Cain holds the HW title and does it in relatively easy fashion beating Werdum and Browne
    Jones holds his title.. Glover puts him in trouble early and in the rematch beats Gus convincingly. Cormier doesn't get a title shot
    Weidman holds his title with a win over Belfort and Souza but loses to Machida
    Hendricks grinds out a win against Lawler to win the belt and scraps by in a rematch with Condit again
    Petis doesn't fight til late this year and an interim title fight is held between Melendez and the Hendo/Thomson winner
    Aldo hold his belt before finally moving up to LW. Mendes takes the tile after it's vacated
    Faber beats Barao and defends the title for the rest of the year Cruz does not return
    Johnson holds the belt
    Rousey defends her title but only 2 fights and takes time off to shoot more movies

    GSP does not return at all this year and is rarely heard from or seen in the media
    Nick Diaz will be rumored to fight in several opponents but not accept any
    A Silva returns at the end of the year (or early 2015) and beats Bisping but does not look good in doing so
    JDS loses this year to an opponent he was heavily favoured over
    Frank Mir retires
    Frankie beats BJ but Penn still does not retires and looks for a fight at 155 against Nate Diaz

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    Fedor and Brock both come out of retirement to fight eachother.

    Chad Mendez wins title. Fyi his mom (foster) works with me Go Chad!!

    Machida wins title after belfort takes it from Weidman.

    Anderson never comes back

    Bisping gets HL reeled by 2 KO'S and retires by the end of the year.

    GSP comes back to get beat down by Hendricks again but still retains title

    Rampage comes back and wins lhw title.

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