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I have 3 things going through my head that make me think Robbie gets the Tko/KO.

one I believe johny will be cocky and stand
2 KOS couldn't get lawler down n got tagged
3 same as above but in Rory's case.

Believe me or not Hendricks will leave enough time on feet for Robbie to take over and he will.
One big question mark also will be how Robbies cardio holds up if this fight goes past the 3rd round. Against Rory he was exhausted but kept fighting. Hendricks at least got some 5 round experience and may try to pace himself to go all 5. Hendricks fight with Kos was very close imo. Im curious to see how their wrestling matches up here more than anything.

If it the wrestling cancels itself out. I don't see this going 5 rounds, maybe not even 3 lol.