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Dan, I hope you don't get flamed for this, but you're waaaaay off.

Anderson himself said he wasn't clowning. He was 100% dead serious and it was part of his strategy.
One more time for the record-book:
Anderson generally sports a significant reach advantage. With that reach advantage, a fighter with Anderson's skills--specifically head movement and counter striking--can set up his opponents: they commit to a strike when he's just out of their range, but they're still within his range to effectively counter. They swing and miss, he swings and connects.

Against Weidman, he not only didn't have the size advantage he often sports, but Weidman didn't haplessly windmill lefts and rights alternately. While he was still in range, Chris doubled up on the left that initially stuns Anderson, and then dropped him.

It wasn't clowning. It was 100% strategy, only Weidman's strategy was better. That's what happens to champions: you get talented kids who grow up dreaming about fighting them. They watch every fight, over and over. They dissect every bit of film, from training vids to actual bouts. And if they're lucky, they come up with a plan that works.

Chris Weidman and his team watch film. In the dark. All night long.

Oh, I expected to get flamed, hence the "duck for cover" part!

What Silva says about himself not clowning; I call someone who has their hands completely down, goading his opponent to come over here and hit him, taunting him with his hands down while he is standing right in front of him - that, my friend, even if it doesn't translate from Portuguese, is clowning. I recently watched a broadcast of Silva/Okami. He wasn't doing any of that shit. He got right down to business and kicked Okami's ass. That's the Silva I want to see fight Weidman.

Silva's leg breaking when Weidman checked his kick - certainly, it was a legitimate win. However, were you satisfied with that? It was a freak accident. That shouldn't have been the fight-ender.

I am not taking anything away from Weidman - I am a fan. But at the end of the day, his wins over Silva do leave me dissatisfied. I didn't watch either fight and come away feeling that Weidman dominated Silva's ass, and there's a new king in town. Yes, Weidman is the Champ, but I would love to see them go at it again.