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Thread: Aguilar: UFC strawweight champion will be #2

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    Default Aguilar: UFC strawweight champion will be #2

    Aguilar: UFC strawweight champion will be #2
    Saturday night at World Series of Fighting 8, Jessica Aguilar beat the previously unbeatn Alida Gray, earning the league's first women's straweight title.

    Before the fight, she told MMAFighting's Guilherme Cruz that if she wins, the best women's woman strawweight fighter will not the winner of the 11 women signed for TUF 20, it will be her. The new UFC fighters included former Invicta FC strawweight champion Carla Esparza, who Aguilar beat in 2011.

    "I donít think I am the best, I am the best," said Aguilar. "I beat the best in the world. She can have the No. 2 spot, she can have her UFC belt, whatever she wants. I donít even think sheís going to get it, I think Claudia is going to beat her, but thatís another conversation. I donít think I am the best, I am the best.

    "Iím very humble, but I think I need to start talking the truth. I put a lot of hard work and dedicate a lot of time to be where I am today. This is my title. I am the No. 1 strawweight in the world. It doesnít matter if someone has the UFC belt, but they donít have the best in the world. The best in the world right now is with WSoF."

    "I have a contract here and I believe Iím in the right place right now. Everything happens for a reason. Later, in the future, when I win more fights, weíll see what happens. But now Iím very happy with the WSOF, and very happy for those that the UFC has given an opportunity. Itís a great thing. But Iím going to continue winning and proving why Iím the No. 1 strawweight in the world and then weíll see what happens."

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    Who exactly does wsof have in their straw weight division though?

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