Aldo has looked very underwhelming in a couple of his more recent fights, Zombie and Hominick. Barao has been in complete control of every UFC fight. Also what's with MMA sites and their shitty article names. Dana didn't say he Barao is P4P champ if he beats Faber. He said he is P4P champ is he finishes him. It's a big difference, especially since Aldo didn't finish Faber.

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I don't think it bothers me as much that the BW title is the headliner as the original headliner of "champ vs champ" has a stronger billing. Also, Cruz and Faber are both way bigger draws than Lamas.

Did Dana explicitly state that heavier weight classes would always get the headliner spot? I just recall him saying that title fights will always get the main event spot over others. He mentioned that when Rousey/Carmouche headlined over Machida/Hendo..
He has said it a couple times that the heavier fighters get the main event slot.