I wanted to post in the thread that was titled something like "Will you buy UFC fight pass?", but I cannot find it anywhere. If it still exists, please merge this with that thread, mods.

At 1st, I didn't think twice about this Fight Pass, because it was looking like it was only going to be used for 1 or 2 fights not on Fox's preliminary broadcast. Now, I see today that it will be utilized for the entire preliminary broadcast for UFC Fight Night 36. Now I am fucking pissed! I never tuned in to watch the 1st couple of fights, but always watch the preliminaries. So what can we all look forward to in the future......paying the newly raised price of $60 for a PPV, and also paying an additional $10 for this Fight Pass? That is the epitome of greed by the UFC, and I hope it turns off as many fans as it takes to make it go away.

Aside from the extra money, I always record even PPVs on my DVR, and start watching an hour after the broadcast begins, so I can fast forward through all of the filler in between the fights. I cannot do that with a stream, at least not that I am aware of.

I am not at all impressed by this move by the UFC, and I am not quite sure how it will affect my future PPV purchases. I was a loyal paying fan up to this point, but now I am very irritated, and feel like the UFC is really trying to take advantage of their fan base, and I hope it backfires in a major way.