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Thread: chris leben announces retirement from mma

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    Default chris leben announces retirement from mma

    after 12 years and a UFC record 22 middleweight fights inside the Octagon, Chris Leben is calling it quits. "The Crippler" appeared on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour to make his announcement official.

    "It's been a fantastic, wonderful ride," Leben said. "I've landed more strikes than anybody out there. Definitely highs and lows, ups and downs, but I think I'm starting to realize that, for me, it might be time to make that transition away from competing and get more on the coaching side of things.

    "After [UFC 168], I wanted to go back and reevaluate things, make sure that the decision wasn't based purely on emotion. That it was really what I wanted to do. And now, yes, I can say, I've really retired from competing in MMA."

    A perennial fan favorite and one of the founding cast members of The Ultimate Fighter, Leben retires with a 22-11 career MMA record, as well as a 12-10 UFC record, although five of those 10 losses came over the course of his final six bouts.

    "The bottom line, I've been with the actual UFC now for almost 10 years and I really feel like I've kind of grown with them, parallel with them," Leben said. "In this sport, you're either moving forward or you're moving backward.

    "I really can't be upset. I've had a wonderful career. And again, I didn't start fighting until I was 21 years old. Back then you could actually get in the UFC, win and do well, just on being a tough guy. I was a tough guy, I had some techniques, and that always worked for me. But when you look at these guys now, like Uriah Hall, they're just a different breed of athlete than I am. The game has been evolving and changing so much, so rapidly, that I'm actually pretty happy that I can say I was in it for as long as I was in it."

    thank you for all the exciting fights that you gave us and good luck with the future endeavours.

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    Thanks for the great fights.. I'm glad I was able to see him in the octagon...

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    Terry Martin was my fav Leben fight

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    Pretty much sums up how I feel about this.

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    Never was his fan or anything close to that. But hopefully he recovers from all his alcohol problems.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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    Probably for the best, considering he'll never be at that elite level or able to compete with the new type of up-and-comers / athletes. Totally agree that back in the day you could get by just being a 'tough-guy', but it's not like that anymore.

    Will miss his fights though, and his style of "I'll break your fists with my face". Dude always brought it and the sport has just passed him by now. In this sport it's adapt or become extinct.

    How many fighters from TUF 1 are still around and fighting in the UFC nowadays? Just Koscheck and Sanchez? That makes me feel old, cuz it feels like just yesterday I was just watching TUF 1 and all these guys starting out their careers.

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    Not much of a suprise after the last few years. Leben has taken alot of punishment over and I think he was smart to hang em up. Leben is able to recognize the growth in the sport and its athletes.

    That was one hell of a ride anytime Leben was fighting. Cheers to an entertaining career and all the best in coaching.

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    Right decision. I couldn't stand watching him lose anymore. The streak of Simpson/Akiyama/Wanderlei was my favorite of his career.
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    Always came to fight.
    Was always fun to watch. The "zombie-beast" mode in the Akiyama fight is a comeback i will always remember.

    Welcome to Sunnyvale.
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