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Thread: Michael Johnson vs. Melvin Guillard booked for UFC Fight Night 37 with Pearson hurt

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    Exactly how is that? Knockout power really Melvin's only weapon for Johnson to be afraid of(danger zone-wise), and you can game plan for Melvin quite nicely if you fight safe/smart. Now, when you consider that Johnson's been subbed twice in his last eight fights(Sass and Meza) and is now going up against a guy with basically zilch in the TDD and submission department, compared to an undefeated juggernaut who is a judo freak and thus far, has stood up to every test he's had....Khabib is far and away the stronger threat....

    The AKA/Blackzillians is kinda interesting, but since Melvin ostracizes himself from every camp he's at after a while, this shouldn't be too much of a shock.

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    Was he referring to getting finished?
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    I'm no doctor, and probably not even particularly smart...

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