Cole Miller fine with being a 'gatekeeper,' so far as Conor McGregor is concerned
"I just see a lot of stuff that bothers me in martial arts," he told host Ariel Helwani. "Thereís two sides to how I feel about MMA. Thereís my personal career as a fighter, but then thereís how I feel as a fan. I was a fan first, and I do care about this sport and mixed martial arts in general. And Iíve been noticing a lot of things that have been rubbing me the wrong way and that I feel like have been making the sport decline, and I want to speak out on those things."

One area of contention was judging, which Miller would like to see reformed to prevent fighters (and trainers) from devising game plans centered on not losing rather than fighting to win. The other thing that Miller mentioned was a more familiar pet peeve -- that of fellow featherweight McGregor, the Irish fighter who made a big splash in the UFC in 2013.

Miller once again made it clear he doesnít go in for star treatment of unproven fighters, not when guys like him (with 16 fights in the Octagon) have been toiling up the rungs.

"I donít like people coming into the UFC, and the guyís got the whole fighting Irish gimmick going on, and he jumps to the front of the line," Miller said. "And a lot of peopleÖIíve got a lot of people on Twitter saying shut-up you gatekeeper bitch, and Iím sitting there thinking, thatís exactly what Iím saying.

"I donít even think that [being called a gatekeeper is] a bad thing to say. Iíve worked my ass off. Iíve had my ups and downs in my career, and if at that point Iím a gatekeeper, youíre damn right Iím a gatekeeper. And Iíve f---ing earned that. So let me do my job and throw these guys like Conor McGregor in my way, so we can find out just how good they are."
"I know no oneís going to argue that my skill set is not top ten," he said. "You canít tell me that of all the top ten guys that I canít strike or I canít grapple or I canít fight with any of those guys. I feel like that Iím the dark horse. I feel like those guys, none of them want to fight me."

So why did he call out Cerrone instead of reiterating his desire to fight McGregor? Turns out that was a misunderstanding.

"Honestly, I didnít even know [Cerrone] had a fight coming up this weekend until the other day," Miller confessed. "I check the UG all the time, and I had saw that he had made a comment about jumping down to 145 pounds. So I was like, Ďperfect!í We had our beef andÖitís not gone. He just happened to be on the rise when he came in so he got, not that he didnít earn it, but he got a quick run towards the lightweight rankings. I was on a skid at the time, and I dropped down to featherweight and had a rough start at the beginning.

"So, we werenít anywhere near at each other to fight. But Iíve said it, before my dayís done here, itís going to happen. I really just wanted to throw that out there to remind him and others that itís not done yet. And if he needs motivation to come to 145Öthatís on the table."

Asked what the "beef" was between the two, Miller traced it back to the time he fought (and beat) Leonard Garcia in 2007. Garcia is Cerroneís best friend, roommate and training partner. The bad blood between Cerrone and Miller has festered for over six years.

"I honestly think that [Cerrone] thinks Iím a mark, that I was just some easy guy that he could get over on -- that I was just some pushover that he could have an easy fight," Miller said. "There might have been some guys that beat me, but Iím not an easy fight for anybody. So, Iím not just going to stand there when somebody talks about me like that. We can fight. And weíve had a couple ofÖweíve jawed back and forth and had a couple of close calls behind the scenes and things like that. But we havenít been able to get in the cage, so when I saw that on the Underground where it says in an interview that he was considering dropping down to 145 pounds, I was like, hey, if you just need a little bit of motivation to cut that weight, here it is."

Cerrone: Miller a 'turd the UFC hasn't flushed away' yet

"I think the UFC is totally against me going to 145 and I can't drink delicious full-bodied Budweisers," Cerrone told reporters at the UFC on FOX 10 press conference. "That's a lifestyle change, I don't know if I'm committed for that. We'll see. Cole Miller? Win some fights, then come see me. You're at the ass end of a long line of people."