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Random thoughts from Raw:

I think Ryback and Big E could have a decent feud

I think AJ is getting buried by the WWE because of Punk

I think the WWE's wellness program doesn't apply to COOs who wrestle

I think I hate the way Sandow is being booked. Show no selling a punch from him and then chokeslamming Sandow for the pin sucks.

I think we may not be seeing Fandango for a while.

I think Usos, Rhodes, Real Americans, and Outlaws could have a pretty good tag match at WM if they're given enough time.

I think last night was the 39th time Kofi has jobbed to Wyatt

I think I'm cool with The Shield not breaking up.

I really wish they would have Wade Barrett wrestle every once in a while.
They do this weird thing where they get REALLY strong on a guy(like Barrett or Ziggler or Sandow) but before investing in them enough to REALLY get him over longterm, they just job the shit out of them to Cena and Orton(and to a lesser-degree Sheamus) and then act like, "Jeez, how 'come he didn't get over? Guess they're not stars" and then they creatively abandon them and just let them flounder, and even punish them if they try to get themselves over. If I'm a Barrett right now, I call up New Japan and see what they're offering contract-wise and get the hell outta dodge before they bury him beyond repair.

Think we'll be getting an Usos/Outlaws/Rhodes Brothers for a tag title match, since I'm quite sure they've announced Cesaro for the battle royal and are looking to book the match around him.

I could see the Shield breakup being held off until May just so the turn gets a more fuller attention from the fans, so not to have it get lost in the Mania shuffle.

GODDAMN HHH is shredded to oblivion. It's absurd when you look at his physique right now, thicker than Big Dave right now lol.

AJ is DEFINITELY being punished for Punk, look for her to drop the strap at Mania to either Naomi or Nikki in some schmoz.

They've been talking about repackaging Kofi for a while. I'm praying for an RGIII-style arrogant jock gimmick, which MVP never did the right way to get the most optimum amount of heat.

Oh and Steph's the MOST OVER HEEL IN THE ENTIRE COMPANY and it's because she has complete creative freedom over her character, something they don't afford any freedom to 99% of other talent on the roster. She's drawing amazing heat and it makes her character look great....but it's not because she's simply THAT good, but comparatively she just gets to do what they should be letting the guys do, like say Ziggler etc.